Rabu, 04 April 2012

The List of My List

1. People who have influenced me

I'm not going to say this person's name but I will tell you why this person influenced me. Just imagine this person's name is Bro. Bro had always been the person I felt closest to. Bro had always been there for me and all I had ever did to Bro is always disappointing. Bro changed my life because all I want to do now is to make Bro proud all the time and make things right for Bro. I hope that Bro will understand that all this time I also cared.

2. Places that make me happy

The place that make me happy is anywhere in the universe where my friends and everybody I care of is there. But sometimes I feel more comfortable being in a less crowded place. A place under a tree near a pond or lake could be it. I would read a book there or sing a song together with some of my friends, share stories and just spend precious time to enjoy every last bit of moment I can have with them.

3.Places I would like to go

Around the world or even around the universe!!It would be exciting to visit different places since I get bored a lot. I need to see new things because from a travel I could gain more knowledge which would help me in the future. I once read a fiction story about an adventuring boy who discovered the possible location of another planet similar to our Earth, but unfortunately, he almost got sucked into a black hole which is between the runway to the planet. Things will get interesting if we can find life in other planets and if possible a planet just like ours', but that doesn't mean that we should leave our Earth, we should fix it.

4. Things in people which I like

I really like when people start talking to me like I am someone they can trust. It feels like being the most important person in the world. What I learned from Mother Theresa is that to be ignored and unloved is a much greater pain than hunger. It is important to have social connections with people around us.

5. Things in people which I dislike

I hate it when people hate me for being myself and try to change me into what they want. It seems unfair to turn people into who they are not. People are unique because they are who the are and no one has the right to purposely make that someone's life a misery.

6. Things that worry me

Growing up. Imagine life is a thick book. It is hard and sad to realize that I am half way to the end of the story. Now I need to worry about my future and who I would be later. As I grow older I missed the times when I can just sit on the swing and laugh with my friends.

7. Things I would like to know how to do
To be a person everyone can count on. It would please me to know that a lot of people depends on me, because I like being someone who can always help in every situation.

8. Things that have inspired me

Having my first dog. It made me finally understand what people meant by man's best friend. I remembered the first time I saw my dog. She was poking her nose through holes in her cardboard box where she was kept. My father persisted on calling her Ollie so that's how she was called until now. got her out of the box and released her into the garden. At first I was afraid of her and kept on running away even though she is just a small dog, but that only made my dog wilder and excited. Things got better until the day my dog bit me. I was reckless as a child and came near my dog when she was eating even though I knew she hated it. I tried snatching one or two dog food from her plate when she growled and bit me. I cried of course, but then I saw my dog suddenly had her tail between her legs. I thought she felt bad, and that is the first time I ever believed that dogs can also feel. She is my friend from childhood 'till now and I understand her better than any one else. Ollie feels human to me because she did once hurt me but also gave me the best memories. So yes, dogs are human's best friend.  

9. Ideas that amaze me

To fly free without any help from human technology and just do it for the feeling of freedom. Leonardo da Vinci once drew structures like gliders. His dream was to fly like the birds which amazed him so much, but instead of using any equipments, I feel that being able to fly without wings is better. Can you imagine escaping the chaos of the world? To just forget about all the burden that's been keeping you down? That is how I picture flying. I've never actually gone near to feel it but there are always ways to try.

10. My personal favorites

Body boarding (you catch a wave and ride in it to the shore)
All kinds of animals (especially dogs, horses, marine mammals)
and especially the orca, or killer whales. They are my favorite animals since the first time I watched the movie "Free Willy".   
Playing the piano and guitar. (music is part of my life and it is impossible to separate it from me)
[ and possibly other instruments I would later want to learn]

Kamis, 22 Maret 2012

THE Quotes

"I realize that I'm black, but I like to be viewed as a person, and this is everybody's wish."
Michael Jordan

As a so called "colored" man, Michael Jordan understood that his kind was once treated unfairly. He probably thought that black people felt compared and priced, just like lifeless things. Through this quote we can see how Michael Jordan hated racism. I think he wanted people to look at each other and just accept the truth that they are equals, that we are the same. Now the problem is, people often reject the truth and refuse in believing it. It's time for that to change.

My opinion with Michael Jordan's is not at all different. I feel uneasy at the thought of racist people's beliefs. Again I remind you that people are equals. God created us as different individuals, but His love for us is the same. God doesn't give one benefits and the other only loses. He treats us fairly and does not look at us for who we are, but what we do.
We should not point at people and judge them by their skin color, their tribe, or whatever they are. Blacks, Javanese, Asians, and even Whites are also people, nevertheless of how they look or wherever they came from. So stop racism! Because it's wrong and you know it.

Rabu, 08 Februari 2012

Being Different: Is It Okay?

       What do you feel when somenone says you're different? Do you feel like you don't belong to your society? Or do you jump to conclusions like being you isn't enough for others, or worst, yourself?  This is one of the problems we face in our life: accepting and rejecting differences. Often people think that being different is something unacceptable. But they are wrong. Now try to think about someone you call different. I wonder if they also think that you are different. You see? None of us is the same. If we have something in common that will be having differences ourselves.

       Now imagine a world where everywhere you look, you see strangers you never meet who have the same color of eyes, the same voice, and even the same personality as yourself. Everywhere you see only yourself. Not only the world now seems so dull, but would you ever feel special if others can do exactly the same thing you are really good at?  There is a purpose in creating us as beings with such differences: because we need each other's specialty to help us cover our weaknesses. Without differences there can never be a picture of someone helping others, there CAN'T even be the word help. There is no such thing as perfect except God. And sometimes being imperfect is something you CAN call perfect. Don't be intimidated by people who told you nonsense like being different is wrong, because those people are the ones that are wrong. You are who you are, there can't be anyone else who can replace you.

       Our originality is needed. Therefore we cannot just give it up to be someone others might appriciate.  So just accept that fact. Live with it, make your difference a signature of yourself, an indication that you are truly you. Because the best person you can be is yourself.

Selasa, 17 Januari 2012

My Name

My full name is Claire Francisca G. I'll start explaining what my name means. G is short for Gunawan. That is my family name. The meaning is to be useful for others. Francisca I believe means someone holy, like Saint Franciskus. My first name, Claire, means clear, famous, and bright.

If I can change my name, I would want to be known as Kaira. Kaira, as a girl's name is a variant of Cara (Latin, Irish, Gaelic), Kara and Kyra (Greek), and the meaning of Kaira is "beloved; friend; lord; Right Or Opportune Moment". People with this name have a deep inner desire to inspire others in a higher cause, and to share their own views on some matters. They value truth, justice, and discipline, and may be quick-tempered with those who do not. If they fail to develop their potential, they may become impractical and rigid. I picked this name because this is the kind of someone I want to be and, even though not many knows, quite similar to me. Well actually I didn't know the meaning before. I just thought that it's a nice name.

However, as much as I've been telling you about my new name, I really disagree about this name changing thingy. I want people to know who I am by just hearing my name. Claire is a name I grew up with. I can either make it mean something or the other way around. My name is my pride, regardless of what others think.

Rabu, 11 Januari 2012

             Icylandar is the title of a book by Dionvy. The story tells about the life of a young elf prince named Padris from the Kingdom Icylandar. His has a complicated life and knows so little of his past.He figured out that his parents were the prince and princess from two different kingdoms. These kingdoms are great enemies and intents on destroying each other. There are a lot of betrayals and it is up to Padris to stop the war coming between these two opposing kingdoms. Prophecies made it clear that he is the key for this to happen. Yet one prophecy said that fire would never rule. Elves possess certain abilities and powers, and Padris’ specialty is fire. This made him wonder if he was the one destined to do great things, if he is the right person whom everyone had put their faiths on. He then came along a problem where elves wanted human gone from their lives. He must convince them to believe that every living creature depends on one another, from the weakest, to the strongest. Despite what he knows, he must learn not to believe in superstitions since it is up to him to find the right path, along with friends who will always stand by his side.

For me, this story is actually rather boring. It did make me excited in some parts when the main character takes pride in what he does, but I would like it better if it reflects the meaning of truly living. It reminds us about the sacrifices we make, every hard decision we must choose, and what it takes to believe in what we can do. As God’s creation we can do great things in ways we never would imagine.
This book is good for all fantasy lovers.